an anthology of creative nonfiction


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     spring '21

Adi Thatai


     spring '20

Angie Kang

Eye Fold

Kion You

John Chau, American Missionary

Nicole Kim

Imagining Indigenous Futures. The fight to save the West Berkeley Shellmound

Kayli Wren

Incivility at council meetings defended: Some say politeness insignificant compared with need for change

     spring '19

Abigail Neill

A Tale of Two Herptiles

Jamila Wilkinson


Victoria Huynh

Speak of the Dead

Tatiana Dubin

I am a daughter of the Hebrews, but I am fleeing from them [Book of Judith 10:12]

Zach Barnes

Do I Know You?

     spring '18

Julia Tompkins

Height of the Land

Claribel Wu

Post- Cards

Rebecca Ellis

Healing Church believers flout federal law as they smoke cannabis in Providence park

Samantha Savello

Brown University: Liberal Arts College or Pre-professional Institution?

Rebecca Ellis

Witnesses to tragedy: Funeral directors see another side of heartbreak

     spring '17

Chelsea Fernando

Astral Weeks

Harmony Schorr

Insight from the Inside

Georgia Wright

Strange Light

Liza Yeager

The Big One

     spring '16

Melanie Abeygunawardana


Anisha Dias Bandaranaike

Telescoping Series

Maxine Joselow

Dear Google, Why Is College So Expensive?

Sabrina Imbler

“Professor leaves legacy of exploration” The Brown Daily Herald Commencement Magazine 2013

Paige Morris

Black Girls Don’t Cry

     spring '15

Eleanor Duke

When Time Stops

Will Duke

Towson University changes policy on tuition for undocumented immigrants

Jacqueline Gu

Old Gold Mountain

Victor Ha

Rudolph Fisher: Expurgated and Abridged

Stephanie Hayes

The Girl with the Serpentine Arm

Elizabeth Koh

Environmental Concerns Rise as Brazos Levels Fall

     spring '14

Ellora Vilkin

Close Enough

David Adler

Where the Frontier Ends. Dot-Com Cities in the New America

Vera Carothers

High Water Mark

Sienna Zeilinger

Home In

     spring '13

Maggie Millner

What the Cat Dragged In: A Closer Look at Toxoplasma Gondii

Elizabeth Powers

The Year of the Dragon

Erica Schwiegershausen

My Brother

Belle Cushing


     spring '12

Mara Smith


Suzy Weiss

I Don't Believe in Souls, but My Soul Does

Malcolm Burnley

The Diplomat and The Demagogue: When Richard Holbrooke Met Malcolm X

Kate Doyle

One of the Crew. the dead-serious joke of the ARRR!!! pirates

Zachary Bornstein

Zack's Snack Shack & the Cedar Box

     spring '11

Mark Dee

Holy Land, U.S.A.

Pam Zhang

Head (Excerpt)

Joseph Glaser-Reich

The Operation

Panpan Song


Fred Milgram


Dayna Tortoricci


     spring '10

Ryan Wong

Avatar and Illusion

Sarah Gibson

On Hogs

Laura Brown-Lavoie

Friends You Haven't Met Yet - Notes

Noam Dorr

Wouldn't It

Sarah Mann

The Space Inside the Seedpod (excerpts)

Rachel Z. Arndt

The difference between feel and think

     spring '09

Kevin Roose

THE WORKERS ARE FEW from The Unlikely Disciple

Sandra Allen

The Problem with the Writer

Emily Silverman


     spring '08

Robert Moor

Sketches from "Welcome to the Monkhouse"

Stephen Salisbury


Jessica Wronowski


Ruth Heindel

Rolling the Rock North

Nate Sloan

A Good Run: A Family History

Jean Guan


Jenna Stark

Don't Speak Easy

Emma Bogdonoff


Rachel Arndt

So much can happen when you don't speak the language

     spring '07

Kathleen S. Johnston

Arte Povera

Alex Eichler

Silent Night

Molly Young

Pages from the Goncourt Journals

Kathleen S. Johnston


Emily Ellis


Ben Schwartz

Neither Here Nor There

Janine Kwoh

Unspeakable Horrors and Forgettable Tragedies

Anne Jonas

The Way In

Sean McGeary

On Service

Sophia Lin

Looking For: Ambiguity

Conor Reardon


Connie Zheng

Top of the Food Chain

Kien Yoon Andy Chong

Phnom Penh

     fall '06

Blair Hickman

Baby, We're in the Same Boat Now

Ben Arfmann

Remembering Hobbes

John Sheehy


Noah Gardiner

Three homilies for readers without churches

     spring '06

Meryl Rothstein

Lucy and the Chinese Bandits

Jane Tanimura

The Dog Lover

Kaitlin Lemei

"I Spy" in the World of Science

Kate Schrire

The Smallpox Journal of Solomon Drown

Jen Silverman

Six Bright Horses and the Land of the Dead

Kiera Feldman

My Pants

Ruth Baron

Unfair Advantages: The Life and Times of Mark Donohue

Kathleen Nishimoto

Always Low Prices

David Coughlin

Output Driven

Laurel Foglia


Rosie Dent

The Ultimate Post-Mortem

Mallory Kass


Cutter Wood


     fall '05

Frederick Brantley

Small Figures in a Vast Expanse

Mark Dickinson

Weeknight Warehouse

Alison Nguyen

Perhaps I Must Leave You: Pieces of a Memoir

Jane Mee Wong

Mooncake Festival

     spring '05

Benjamin Clark

Looking at Bobby Fischer

Claire Dunnington

Est: A Thesis for the Year 1819

Kiera Feldman

Tap Attack

Ida Moen Johnson

Grains of Holy

Katrina Lencek-Inagaki


Sarah Goldstein

So Ghetto

     fall '04

Alex Eichler

KINGDOM OF THE IDIOM: How George Psalmanazar Escaped From History

Alexandra Kleeman

It began as a flutter.

Anna Abramson

Parking the Car

Austin Head-Jones


Bryan Chang

Sleeping with the Enemy

Cornelia Wilkinson

Giggles and Whispers: Aggression in Middle School Girls

Fritz Brantley

Still Life

Heather Daniels

Soundtrack to a Schizophrenic Mind

Jenny Aaron

A Home on the Range

Joseph Nagle

How to Taste French Wine

Ming Holden



     spring '04

Mike Laws

The Death of Downtown

Jennifer S. Cheng

Mother Tongue

Jamie Fleischman

Me and Danny Down by the Schoolyard

Cecilia Kiely

Notes from the Field

Sara K. Tedeschi


     spring '03

Joanne Leow

Dear Mama

Katharine Smyth

James Joyce's Trieste

Alexandra Blair

Forming the Pomegranate

Martha Lackritz

Making Headlines

Lizzie Seidlin-Bernstein

The Usual Suspects

Robert Rutherford

On Not Fighting a War

Austin Kennedy

Little Caesar

     spring '02

Caroline Ang

Into the Lion's Mouth

Beth Brandon

Emotional Typography

April Freely


Kerala Goodkin

Up North

Anna Henderson


Louisa Lombard

Paper Cranes

Rebecca Lutzy

Historical Narrative on the Murder of Alice

Peng Wu

A Personal/Cultural Essay

     fall '01

Tucker Lieberman

Fifteen Meditations on Masculinist Physico-Spiritual Experience

Kerala Goodkin

Immigrants in Action

Harper Alexander

The Anniversary Party

Jessica Kremen

The Monkey and His Mother

Emma Lichtenstein

The Crunch and its Aftermath

     spring '01

Heidi Hausman


Nathan Kraft

Masters of the Universe

Nathan Kraft

Devils in the Root Cellar

Yew Leong Lee

The Guggenheim Museum

Yew Leong Lee

Two Short Pieces

Colleen McHugh

This Semblance of Movement

K. Miller

How I learned to stop worrying and love myself

Kirsten Rudestam

Toothbrushes and Tofu

Laura Saetveit


Mary Saunders


Luke Tsai

Providence's Black Chinese: A Love Story

Samm Tyroler-Cooper

Two Short Pieces

Anissa Weinraub

Hair Manifesto


    fall '00

Alexandra Blair

San Vito, July

Sarah Bockian

Racism, Sensationalism, Opportunism

Allison Budner

Portrait of a Cartographer

Carolyn Fredericks

Stories Told Halfway

Lea Anne Hegg


Emma Lichtenstein

The Blood Lust

Elyse Lightman

Stillness Seeking

Drew Palmore

If You Want to View Paradise

Eva Steele-Saccio



    spring '00

Emily Barabas


Daphna Buchsbaum

Two Short Pieces

Blaire Burman

The Way Life Goes

Stephen Carter

Showing up the Actor

Lucinda Dohanian-Welch

Pieces of Ma

Renee Gamache

Henry Sweetser Burrage

Martha Lackritz

from Songs of Limbs and Flesh and Heart
Perhaps Too

Martha Lackritz


Tucker Lieberman

Routes of Power

Elizabeth Loeb

Miss Edna Krouner at Vassar in 1908

Elizabeth Loeb


Becky Madden


Kari Molvar

The Forgotten

Emily Morganti

Oranges and Lemons

Abigail Rabinowitz

Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Letters to Martha

Corinna Riginos

Personal Ecology

Laura Rothenberg

Breathing for a Living: A Memoir

Jessica Spiegel


Maya Wadleigh

War, Peace, the Homefront and Uncle Sam

Joe Winter

Preserving the Fall


    fall '99

Lisa Cisneros


Jess Fisher

Gay Pride

Molly Geidel

The Way In

Jennifer Leighty

328 Headlines and A Protest

Alice Lovejoy

Waiting, 1938

Cameron Smith

Foxwoods: Pleasure in the "Absence" of Sin?

Megan Tracy

Charles Herreshoff, 1763-1819

Eric Weisman

Christmas As I Know It

Eric Weisman


Eric Weisman

Take What You Can Get