An Oral History of Rhode Island Women during World War II
Written by students in the Honors English Program at South Kingstown High School

A soldier who won the Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery at Anzio is interveiwed by Judith Weiss (Cohen), reporter for the Port News.
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Introduction by Linda P. Wood
Teaching English via Oral History by Judi Scott and Linda P. Wood
It Was Everybody's War by Dr. William Metz
Women and World War II by Dr. Sharon H. Strom
Glossary of Terms
Other WWII References on the Web
Brief Timeline of WWII Events
A Bibliography of Works Cited
Index by Marie Force

The Interviewers
Obtaining the Printed Copy

The Interviews

  1. "Life would never be the same again" by Breana Comiskey
    Nancy Potter
  2. The Threat of War Becomes Real by Ellie Kaufman
    Mabel Smith
  3. A Farm Girl Plays Professional Baseball by Ben Tyler
    Wilma Briggs
  4. Coming to Terms with the Holocaust...and Prejudice at Home by Jason Gelles
    Judith Weiss Cohen
  5. Learning to Live Together in Good Times and Bad by Aileen Keenan
    Naomi Craig
    You can listen to the interview with Naomi Craig in its entirety, or
    use the table of cues and contents to begin the presentation at any of several points.
  6. Her Students Became Soldiers by Kristen Elliott
    Mary Bristow
  7. A Pacifist in a Time of War by Hannah Gould
    Rachel Higgins
  8. A Teenage Volunteer, Too Young to Join the WACS by Ellie Kaufman
    Eileen Hughes
  9. Wife, Homemaker and Civil Defense Volunteer by Casey Johnson
    Barbara Drew
  10. A School Teacher Minds the Home Front by Aileen Keenan
    Helen Osley
  11. From the Junior League to a WAC Commanding Officer by John Kovacs
    Barbara Gwynne
  12. "What did you do in the war, Grandma?" by Kathy O'Grady
    Katherine O'Grady
  13. A Journalist Joins the War Effort from London by Ben Tyler
    Faith McNulty Martin
  14. Helping Servicemen with the USO by Erika Hodges
    Louise Aukerman
  15. URI Scientist Helps the Navy Tame Quonset by Jason Gelles
    Irene Stuckey
  16. 'True Blue' to Her Bomber Pilot Husband by Kristen Elliott
    Florence Taft
  17. A Psychiatric Nurse in the Philippines by Kathy O'Grady
    Lucile Votta
  18. Raising Six Children Alone by Dan Fagan
    Mary Gardner
  19. A Letter Every Night by Hannah Gould
    Edna Bitgood
  20. Washington Was As Far As She Got by Jodi Prochaska
    Marcella Hance
  21. A Young Girl Joins the War Effort by Tara Melish
    Catherine Ott
  22. A Family Joins the War Effort by Erika Hodges
    Mary Wilderhain
  23. A Coed's Life in War Time by Cassie Richman
    Kay Hearn
  24. War Sparks a More Active Role for Women by Jodi Prochaska
    Josephine Carson
  25. A Woman in a "Man's War" by Andy Smith
    Genevieve Chasm
  26. An Adventure Despite Hard Times by Paul Rogers
    Mildred Chatalian

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