What Did You Do in the War Grandma?


Linda P. Wood and Judi Scott, the educators who first conceived of the "What Did You Do in the War, Grandma?" project should be credited for all that you experience here. Their work with the student interviewers and with the women who became the subjects of the interviews made the entire project a reality.

We also thank all of the Rhode Island women who were interviewed for the "What Did You Do in the War, Grandma?" oral history project: Constance Hurley Andrews, Matunuck; Louise Rose Aukerman, Kingston; Amy Ayers, East Greenwich; Ida Signorelli Barrington, Wakefield; Edna Salisbury Bitgood, Ashaway; Wilma H. Briggs, East Greenwich, Mary E. Bristow, West Kingston, Josephine Russo Carson, Newport; Genevieve Boland Chasm, Wickford; Mildred Doorbar Chatalian, West Kingston; Judith Weiss Cohen, Pawtucket; E. Naomi Jennings Craig, Providence; Barbara Carpenter Drew, Green Hill; Mary Gardiner Gardner, Wakefield; Lorraine Pillion Geissler, Wakefield; Edda Whitney Gibbs, Wakefield; Barbara Simonds Gwynne, Providence; Marcella Fagan Hance, Providence; Kay Browning Hearn, Charleston; Rachel Shepard Higgins, Narragansett; Marion Joy, Wakefield; Charlotte Kwasha, Providence; Rita Connor Lepper, Kingston; Evelyn Burr Long, Cranston; Faith Corrigan McNulty Martin, Wakefield; Katherine Higgins O'Grady, Matunuck; Helen Mellen Osley, Narragansett; Lucy Kee Ritchie Rennick, West Kingston; Catherine Rhodes Ott, East Greenwich; Nancy Potter, West Kingston; Mabel Chaney Smith, Matunuck; Eleanor House Smith, West Kingston; Irene H. Stuckey, Kingston; Florence Votta Taft, Wakefield; Lucile Spooner Votta, Kingston; and Mary Conroy Wilderhain, Wakefield.

Without the generous support of our sponsors this the two phases of the project would not have been possible. The original oral history project was made possible by a grant from the Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities (RICH), and subsequent web production was underwritten by Brown University and the Northeast Regional Technology in Education Consortium (NetTech).

Early work on the website at Brown was conducted by Laurion Burchall, and Arlene Kim, under the Direction of Professor John Saillant.

More recent Web-site revisions have been made by two student consultants at the Brown University Scholarly Technology Group: Meredith Shaw, and Ilana Streit, with additional content development and editing from Roger Blumberg and advice and consultation from Richard Goerwitz.

Thank you, everyone.
David Reville
Providence, Rhode Island
September 1997

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