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00:00:00.000:02:20.0 Naomi Craig (snapshot)
00:02:20.100:03:37.0 Clipping from ProJo Home section
00:03:37.100:05:17.0 Rules for pegging
00:05:17.100:06:50.0 Rules for girls' basketball
00:06:50.100:07:07.0 Links to SKHS girls' sports
00:07:40.100:10:47.4 Paper dolls
00:10:47.500:13:47.0 Combining schools together
00:13:47.100:18:03.0 Gender-specific job ads
00:18:03.100:21:03.0 Back to Naomi Craig picture
00:21:03.100:25:32.0 Afro-American education statistics
00:25:32.100:27:44.0 Ads for the Outlet Company
00:27:44.100:28:42.0 ProJo Stocking ads
00:28:42.100:30:20.0 Pre-war fashion
00:30:20.100:31:47.0 News of the war's progression in Europe
00:31:47.100:33:35.0 Women in factories
00:33:35.100:37:42.0 Discrimination in the military
00:37:42.100:40:31.0 Rationing advice for housewives
00:40:31.100:41:11.0 When War began
00:41:11.100:41:56.0 The Roosevelts
00:41:56.100:43:13.0 Marion Anderson
00:43:13.100:45:20.0 Pearl Harbor memories
00:45:20.100:46:02.0 Rhode Island wartime obituaries
00:46:02.100:47:15.0 Women in factories
00:47:15.100:50:21.0 Patriotic Ads
00:50:21.100:54:00.0 USOs
00:54:00.100:55:25.0 Stocking ads
00:55:25.101:00:00.0 Painted-on stockings
01:00:00.101:02:58.0 University Extension
01:02:58.101:04:30.0 Fashion around 1945
01:04:30.101:05:32.0 Victory Babies
01:05:32.101:06:42.0 V-Mail
01:06:42.101:10:04.0 Victory Gardens
01:10:04.101:11:31.0 Why America is fighting
01:11:31.101:12:22.0 War time movies
01:12:22.101:18:02.0 Realities of war hit home
01:18:02.101:21:04.0 USOs again
01:21:04.101:22:26.0 Fireside Chat at start of war
01:22:26.101:23:41.0 Roosevelt Dies, Truman becomes Pres.
01:23:41.101:25:41.0 Why America is fighting
01:25:41.101:26:50.0 Veterans finding jobs after war
01:26:50.101:27:09.0 Back to Naomi Craig interview