Online Gazetteer of Sixteenth Century Florence

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Square 48

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  • 1 - Mercato Vecchio
  • 2 - Loggia del Pesce
  • 3 - Ghetto (*)
  • 4 - Mercato Nuovo
  • 5 - Arte della Lana
  • 6 - Or S. Michele
  • 7 - S. Andrea Par.
  • 8 - S. Bartolommeo Par.
  • 9 - S. Carlo dei Lombardi
  • 10 - S. Cecilia Par.
  • 11 - S. Maria Nipotecosa Par.
  • 12 - S. Miniato tra le Torri Par.
  • 13 - S. Piero Buonconsiglio Par.
  • 14 - S. Tommaso Par.

Streets, Parishes, Notes:

"Quarters: S. Maria Novella, S. Giovanni, S. Croce. Parishes: S. Andrea, S. Bartolommeo, S. Biagio, S. Cecilia, Duomo, S. Maria degli Ughi, S. Maria Nipotecosa, S. Miniato tra le Torri, S. Piero Buonconsiglio, S. Romolo, S. Tommaso, Streets: Mercato Vecchio, V. Calimara, V Calimaruzza, V Calzaiuoli {p}, V del Corso {p} V degli Speziali Grossi. (The street names are only partly listed.) Square 48 had many households, many shops, some patricians, some households with servants, many households w/o surnames, and some households headed by widows. This square was much changed by urban redevelopment in the 1880s and the building of what became Pza della Repubblica. At the right in the Mercato Vecchio is the surviving column surmounted by the Donatello (now replica of G.B. Foggini copy from 1721) statue of Abundance. "

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Photo courtesy Musei Comunali Firenze.
map of square 48