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Newsletter, Republic of New Africa, 1971

The Black Mississippian solicits support for the Republic of New Africa's struggle for justice. This newsletter analyzes the "long pattern" of violence and injustices against Blacks in Mississippi. The Republic of New Africa (RNA) compares the current prosecution of the RNA 11 and the life imprisonment of Hekima Ana to other historical injustices. Cases of injustice include the unprosecuted murders of Medgar Evers, Emmett Till, and Vernon Dahmer as well as those of James Earl Green and Ben Brown of the Jackson State College massacre whose murderers have never been prosecuted.

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Organizational document
Created 1971-01-01 in Jackson, Mississippi
1 pages, 11.2in x 8.5in

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Tougaloo College - 96.04
Republic of New Africa, folder 6

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Record 94
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