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Everyone involved with this project finds much to appreciate and much to despair over in the histories of the two institutions, their relationship, and the historical events of which they are a part. We know that our personal histories are richer because of the Brown Tougaloo Cooperative Exchange, and hope the same is true of others on the two campuses. We believe that we can learn from the history we uncovered so that the relationship between Tougaloo College and Brown University will continue to be a model for how two such institutions can help each other.

--Susan Smulyan
  Associate Professor
  Department of American
  Civilization, Brown University

This website continues the relationship between Brown University and Tougaloo College, a relationship that began as part of the Mississippi Freedom Movement.

Freedom Now! contains documents from Tougaloo and Brown's Archives, gathered by students and faculty from both institutions.

We believe that the Mississippi Freedom Movement remains one of the most inspiring and important example of grass-roots activism in U.S. history, and that it had a crucial impact on the fight for racial equality in this country.

We feel more students should learn the details of this struggle. The documents on this site fall into two related categories: the Mississippi Freedom Movement, in which Tougaloo played a pivotal role, and the Brown-Tougaloo Cooperative Exchange, which grew out of that activism and continues today.

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