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Basic Documents, Republic of New Africa

This leaflet contains the official ocuments of the Republic of New Africa (RNA). The RNA was an organized black nation founded by black nationalists in 1968. RNA members identified the southern states (Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Louisiana) as subjugated land because it was the traditional land of slaves. This land, accourding the RNA, should be given to the former slaves as reparations. The pamphlet includes a brief history of the RNA; the RNA Declaration of Independence signed by one hundred black nationalists in Detroit, Michigan; the New African Creed; and lists the organization's prime objectives.

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Organizational document
Created 1920-01-01 in New Orleans, Louisiana
10 pages, 8.5 in x 5.8 in

The Republic of New Africa Short Official Basic Documents
Published in New Orleans, Louisiana

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Tougaloo College - 96.04
Republic of New Africa, Box 1, folder 4

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