Online Gazetteer of Sixteenth Century Florence

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Square 85

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  • 1 - S. Piero Gattolini Par.
  • 2 - S. Vincenzo di Annalena Con.
  • 3 - S. Brigida Con.

Streets, Parishes, Notes:

"Quarter: S. Spirito, Parishes: S. Felice in Piazza, S. Piero Gattolino, Steets: Porta Annalena (V Romana {p}), V da Pza S. Felice (V Romana {p}), V da S Piero Gattolini (V Romana {p}), V dell Ulivo, V delle Caldaie {p}, V S. Giovanni (V Campuccio {p}), V S. Maria {p}. Square 85 had a moderate number of households, some shops, some patricians, few households with servants, some households w/o surnames and some households headed by widows. This square was disrupted through the building of the Cosimo I embankment in the 1540s."

Photo courtesy Musei Comunali Firenze.
map of square 85