Online Gazetteer of Sixteenth Century Florence

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Square 70

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  • 1 - Porta S. Miniato
  • Secondary gate that gave access to S. Miniato. B141

  • 2 - S. Niccolo Oltrarno Par.
  • Anc. Par. Ch. Renovated 1580s. B213 Paatz IV:358 V. S. Niccolo.

  • 3 - Pal. Serristori
  • Built by bishop Lorenzo Serristori ca. 1520 and inhabited by his nephew Senator Averardo Serristori (1497-1566), a dipolmat who served Cosimo I. There was a famous garden along the Arno. Members of the Bonaparte family lived here after 1815. The palace was rebuilt at the end of the 19th cent. G-L 110 V. Renai 2.

  • 4 - S. Miniato al Monte Mon. (*)
  • Anc. monastery over the grave of 3rd cent. saint beheaded near here. Olivetian monks. Campanile damaged in seige of 1530, surrounded by a bastion by Cosimo I 1553. Used as a Lazzaretto 1630. B111 Paatz IV:211 S. Miniato

  • 5 - S. Salvatore al Monte Mon. (*)
  • 15th cent. house of Observant Franciscans. Damaged in seige of 1530. In 1550s many transferred to Ognissanti (Sq 56). Used as a Lazzaretto in 1630. B183 Paatz V:49 S. Miniato.

Streets, Parishes, Notes:

"Quarter: S. Spirito, Parish: S. Niccolo, Streets: Borgo S. Niccolo {p}, Piazza S. Niccolo, Porta S. Miniato, Renaio {p}. Square 70 had a moderate number of households, some shops, some patricians, some households with servants, some households w/o surnames and some households headed by widows. The unmarked crenellated building along the Arno (B132) was a second flour mill."

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Photo courtesy Musei Comunali Firenze.
map of square 70