Online Gazetteer of Sixteenth Century Florence

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Square 53

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  • 1 - Zecca Nuova (*)
  • 2 - S. Girolamo delle Poverine Con.
  • 3 - Sped. S. Filippo-Jacopo-Niccolo del Ceppo
  • 4 - Sped. S. Sebastiano dei Bini

Streets, Parishes, Notes:

"Quarter: S. Croce, Parish: S. Simone, Streets: Corso Tintori {p}, V delle Case Nuove {p}. Square 53 had few households, no shops, few patricians, few households with servants, few households w/o surnames, and few households headed by widows. One can see to the right of this square on the full map the eastern river barrier (Pescaia) of the Arno. This helped to keep potentially hostile boats from reaching the central city and also helped to clean the water."

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Photo courtesy Musei Comunali Firenze.
map of square 53