Online Gazetteer of Sixteenth Century Florence

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Square 51

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  • 1 - S. Croce Mon.
  • 2 - Pza. S. Croce fountain
  • 3 - Cavalleggieri
  • 4 - Pal. Cocchi-Donati
  • 5 - Pal. Corsi-Horne
  • 6 - Pal. Dell' Antella
  • 7 - Pal. Mellini-Fossi
  • 8 - Pal. Serristori-Corsini-Antinori
  • 9 - Pal. Spinelli

Streets, Parishes, Notes:

"Quarter: S. Croce, Parishes: S. Jacopo fra Fossi, S. Simone, Streets: Borgo S. Croce, Canto degli Alberti, Corso Tintori {p}, Piazza S. Croce {p}, V degli Alberti (V dei Benci {p}). V Magliabecchi was cut through this square in the late 19th century. Square 51 had a moderate number of households, some shops, many patricians, some households with servants, some households w/o surnames and some households headed by widows. Dyers were likely here. Pza S. Croce was the site of Calcio games played out on festive occasions by teams of patricians and other similar contests. In 1561 Giorgio Vasari lived in a house in this square (in Borgo S. Croce next to Pal. Spinelli). "

Photo courtesy Musei Comunali Firenze.
map of square 51