Online Gazetteer of Sixteenth Century Florence

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Square 33

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  • 1 - S. Maria Novella Par. Mon.
  • 2 - Capitolo di S. Vincenzo Con.
  • 3 - Pal. Cerretani

Streets, Parishes, Notes:

"Quarter: S. Maria Novella, Parish: S. Maria Novella, Streets: Piazza S. Maria Novella {p}, Piazza Nuova S. Maria Novella {p}, V Gualfonda {p}. Square 33 had a moderate number of households, few shops, some patricians, some households with servants, some households w/o surnames, and some households headed by widows. This square was much changed by the building of the new central railroad station in the 1930s."

Photo courtesy Musei Comunali Firenze.
map of square 33