Danzig -- Religions - Bohemian Brethren (Moravians)

Given Danzig's close ties to Poland it was inevitable that the so-called Bohemian Brethren would make their presence felt there. When there was a shortage of Reformed preachers, graduates of the schools of the Bohemian Brethren would often be called to Reformed churches. They valued learning, but preferred fear of God without learning to learning without fear of God. Frequently they were referred to as Polish preachers. There were some of these in Reformed churches in Danzig in the 17th century, especially at St. Peters. But none after 1703.

[Eduard David Schnaase. Die böhmischen Brüder in Polen und die Reformirten in Danzig. Zeitschrift f. d. historische Theologie (1867) 125-156.]