Danzig -- History -- The Port of Danzig

Former Wharf at the Port of Danzig, (photo by Katherine Goodman)

In Danzig ships from France, England, Scotland, Holland, also Portugal, Spain and Turkey delivered cloth, herring, wine, spices and other luxury items (silk, lace, exotic fruits) to Poland. Grain accounted for 70 or 80% of the exports through Danzig harbor. (From 1700-1709 about 10,000 tons of grain was exported through Danzig, from 1720-1729 it was about 17,000 tons, in good years as much as 25,000.) Other items included lumber, skins, wax, copper, shoes and woolen stockings. Danzig possessed the sole Polish privilege to import foreign cloth. In 1734 the port often accommodated 100 ships at once.