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Tougaloo College Archive Collections Consulted

Bates, Gladys Noel
Collection. 1947-1993. 1.5 linear ft.

Teacher. The collection of Gladys Noel Bates highlights the struggle of this prominent educator in two scrapbooks, video cassettes, correspondence and case material of' her suit against Mississippi to obtain equal pay for Black teachers in the 1940s. A copy of the U.S. Court of Appeals decision on the case, and transcripts of oral tapes from student interviews are included as well.

Borinski, Ernst
Collection. 1932-1983. 50 linear ft.

Sociologist. Teacher. Ernst Borinski papers contain correspondence, personal notes, books, magazines, photographs, artifacts, and other memorabilia of the internationally known sociologist during his time as a professor in the United States. Records showing his accomplishments of thirty-six years as a professor at Tougaloo College arc included in his collection. Dr Borinski developed exchanges, fellowships, seminars, curricula and advising programs to expand black students' leadership opportunities in academia and in the surrounding community. A few pieces of his collections, namely photographs, date back to his early adulthood, when he lived in Germany. Other pieces were added to the collection after his death. These include obituaries, memorial service fliers, and seminar programs.

Evers, Medgar.
1962-1996. 1 linear ft.

Civil Rights Activist. The collection of Mississippi's first field secretary for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People includes speeches, correspondence, photographs, and the original of the transfer deed of the Evers' house to Tougaloo College. Newspaper clippings related to Evers assassination by Byron de la Beckwith and the activities of Medgar's widow, Myrlie Williams Evers, following the assassination, complete the collection.

Hamer, Fannie Lou
Collection. 8 linear ft.

Civil Rights Activist. The Fannie Lou Hamer Collection contains original speeches, personal interviews, personal photographs of various aspects of her life. Some of the inclusions are materials regarding her involvement in the Freedom Democratic Party, the Freedom Farms Cooperative, and a copy of Hamer's autobiography, To Praise Our Bridges, published in 1967. Awards of recognition reflect the importance of Hamer's activities to the entire nation. Records of Hamer's husband's activities in the Movement are also included in the collection.

Henry, Aaron E.
Papers. 1902-1976. 300 linear ft.

Activist. State Legislator. The collection of Aaron Henry includes correspondence papers, documents, clippings, brochures, photographs, and other official materials of the civil rights activist. His papers also contain materials from his association with other activists and from his association with other activists about various causes. Significant documentation of organizations such as OEO, COFO, MINACT, and other relevant agencies are included. Records pertaining to control of WLBT television station in Mississippi are included.

King, Edwin
Papers. 1953-1989. 21 linear ft.

Clergyman. Teacher. The Ed King Collection includes meeting, notes, fliers, correspondence, documents, organizational materials, and posters. Photographs, memorabilia, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and actions of Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission are contained in his files. Other material about organizations and groups during this crucial period of the Civil Rights Mocement in Mississippi are filed in this collection.

McRee, James F.
Papers. 1950-1967. 4 linear ft.

Clergyman. This collection of papers contains correspondence, memoranda, and training manuals of the Child Development Group of Mississippi (CDGM). Among these papers are voter registration and education, the Madison County Movement, and other activities in which the Chairman of CDGM was involved. Important manuals for Head Start workers are contained in these files.

Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party.
Collection. 1964. .25 linear ft.

Political Action Group. Newspaper articles focusing on the formation of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP), the Atlantic City Challenge of 1964 describing the delegation of black Americans during the Democratic National Convention newsletters, pamphlets. essays and legal documents comprise this collection.

Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission.
Collection. 1956-1998. .3 linear ft.

Surveillance Group. This collection contains copies of important legislation of the watchdog group's effort to maintain white power and black disenfranchisement. Newspaper articles regarding the Commission's activities during the Civil Rights Era and articles published by the Clarion Ledger on the 1998 opening of the Sovereignty Commission's files are also included. Information about the White Citizen's Council is included in this collection showing the state of Mississippi's link to the state funded Mississippi Sovereignty Commission.

Rankin, Annie
Papers. 1965-1980 .5 linear ft.

Community Activist. The Annie Rankin Collection consists of correspondence that focuses on her activities in the Civil Rights Movement and her recollections of specific civil rights organizations. Legal documents, newsletters, and newspaper clippings about the Poor People's March are contained in Rankin's collection.

Republic of New Africa.
Collection. 1968-1976. 5 linear ft.

Activist Group. The Republic of New Africa Collection contains original clippings and copies of organizational documents, pamphlets, brochures, and leaflets that focus on thc political struggle between the Republic of New Africa and the Mississippi authorities.

Smith, Robert L.T.
Collection. 1902-1993. 12 linear ft.

Clergyman. Activist. Correspondence, personal papers, sermons, speeches, documents of community organizations are contained in this collection. Other materials include campaign literature for Rev. Smith's congressional race for U. S. senator in 1962. Citations, photographs memorabilia and other activities are documented.

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