The Whole World Was Watching
an oral history of 1968
From the Editor

The Whole World Was Watching: an oral history of 1968 was created in the spring and summer of 1998 at South Kingstown (RI) High School and Brown University's Scholarly Technology Group. The project was conceived by Linda Wood, school librarian and an oral historian, and Sharon Schmid, English teacher, and their work made 1968 possible. It was funded by grants from the Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities, and NetTech the Northeast and Islands Regional Technology in Education Consortium.

The students and the narrators obviously deserve the most credit for the project. Our special thanks to all the Rhode Islanders who so generously shared their recollections with the students. The Whole World Was Watching is nothing more or less than their stories, as they told them. The students were guided in their research and writing by Professors Kate Dunnigan of CCRI, and Sharon Strom of the University of Rhode Island.

At STG, the task of producing the Web resource you are looking at fell into the able hands of James Barnes, Joanna Epstein, Sara Grady, and Daniel Perlin, who have together copy-edited all of the written material, organized and designed the site, and assisted in creating the various auxiliary material. Shawn Zeller wrote the code that generates the glossary links on each of the text pages. STG staff members Steve DeRose, Richard Goerwitz, Jane McIlmail, Giovanna Roz, and Jacque Russom all contributed to the project as well, in every case with both intellectual and practical assistance. I have also to thank Roger Blumberg for his encouragement and insight.

Finally, thank you for reading, and listening to, the collected histories here. Please let us know what you think. You can use the feedback form or just send e.mail.

David Reville
Brown University
September 8, 1998

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