The Whole World Was Watching
an oral history of 1968
United States Politics

I was not an admirer of George Wallace...I have a memory of him being in Boston during his presidential campaign, and giving a speech, very, very derogatory speech against...Judge Johnson of Alabama who had issued some of the desegregation orders and the speech was just downright nasty, I mean, totally uncalled for, very, very negative. -Governor Lincoln Almond

JFK was my champion, unfortunately he didn't live long enough to fulfill a lot of things he started, but LBJ did finish up a lot of those things, I think his downfall was Vietnam and the escalation of Vietnam. LBJ was a very effective President in getting a lot of the domestic things passed in the congress that other people probably couldn't... He got a lot of the JFK stuff passed, the civil rights legislation, Medicare, but the down side was Vietnam for him, and did him really in I think history will always treat him as the one that escalated Vietnam. - J. Joseph Garrahy

...the night that Lyndon Johnson announced that he wasn't...gonna run for re-election in 1968...there were just people sort of pouring out of every building on campus, and all the dormitories and all the fraternity houses and their apartments, and running around the streets cheering, they were all so happy, as if the fact that he wasn't going to run somehow was gonna end the war in Vietnam. -Ed Wood

...there were a whole bunch of us who did things like cut our hair and dress up in respectable clothes and go out and work for Gene McCarthy, and it was called `Clean for Gene,' and all the guys cut their hair and shaved their beards...and went out, in an attempt, this was the ultimate sacrifice we made, in an attempt to stop the killing, we were willing to cut our hair, which just shows you how intensely self-absorbed we were... we really thought if we cut our hair, the War would end. -Deborah Brayton

[Bobby Kennedy] was unique in a lot of ways because he appealed to a broad section of people; he appealed to hardhats, he appealed to black people, to Native Americans, to rich people, he had a good social agenda, an excellent social agenda. He talked about things that other people didn't talk about. -Frank Costigliola

I think I voted for [Nixon], and then I rued the day... I had to vote for the lesser of two evils, instead of being on fire for somebody. We needed somebody to come in and take over. -Edmund Fetter

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