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Text Encoding Initiative
Tenth Anniversary User Conference

November 14-16, 1997
Brown University
Providence, Rhode Island, USA

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Brown University Computing and Information Services
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The TEI10 conference was held at Brown, Nov. 14-16, 1997. Between 90 and 105 people attended the various portions of the conference,despite the snowstorm which accompanied the opening day. The abstracts, as they appeared in the abstract booklet distributed to participants, are available online.

For historical interest, and as a way of introducing the papers that were presented, we include the call for papers. More information on the Text Encoding Initiative, the Guidelines for encoding literary and other texts and the projects using them are available at the TEI's website.

We used a variety of electronic means to help our presenters and local organizers with the tedious job of writing extended abstracts in valid SGML (or HTML) and then turning them into word processor files to facilitate productoin on paper. The tools we used are available.

Here are the pictures...

You can read and listen to the TEI songs that debuted at this conference at the TEI consortium's website.

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Local Organizing Committee

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TEI 10 Call for Papers

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