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Hypermedia, Teaching and Technology at STG
Edition 96.2 (December 17, 1996)

Table of Contents

The HT&T96 Program

Here you'll find the program from the November Forum, with links to information about the speakers as well as their presentation materials. The program currently includes brief overviews of each session and will eventually include detailed summaries of each of the talks.

HT&T96 Speakers

This page includes descriptions of each of the speakers featured at the November HT&T Forum, along with links to their projects, publications, and comments. As we continue to prepare the Real Audio versions of their HT&T96 presentations (currently only Ken Foote's is available), they will appear as links from the Speakers page as well.

HT&T Readings

Here we present links to readings chosen to serve as background (and fodder) for our discussions of teaching with technology. The focus of these articles and reviews includes the use of networked technologies in the classroom, the assessment of educational projects that make use of new technologies, as well as visions of the future of teaching, learning and schooling in an "information society".

How to Contribute to the HT&T Site and Discussions

To facilitate and carry on discussions of teaching with technology, we are using this website, along with the Web-based conferencing system "HyperNews", as well as a listserv. This page will tell you how to participate in our discussions using these modes of communciation.

Hypermedia, Teaching and Technology Homepage

On the homepage you'll find a brief description of the NetTech Forum on Hypermedia, Teaching and Technology that was held at STG in November, along with information about the goals of the Forum and this website. The homepage includes links to various parts of the HT&T site, including the Acknowledgements and Thanks page.

HT&T96 Attendee List

This page provides a list of those who attended the November Forum in Providence, along with their affiliations, contact information, and their comments on the Forum (as they become available).

Contact Information:

Here we provide the names, email addresses, and links to projects and homepages for the HT&T96 speakers. This list includes complete contact information for the NetTech/STG Forum organizer as well.

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