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* See and Hear Ken Foote's HT&T96 Presentation

One of the highlights of the NetTech Forum on Hypermedia, Teaching and Technology was Kenneth Foote's talk, and the discussions it inspired. In addition to presenting his Geographer's Craft and Virtual Geography Department projects, he talked extensively about the way the Web can motivate and facilitate a new distributed model for curriculum development, one that can transform the way we teach, the way we conceptualize disciplines, and the way we think about the future of educational institutions. Professor Foote graciously allowed STG to record his presentation, and we present the talk here, as a streaming audio file synchronized with a series of slides and urls. We believe this on-line presentation nicely captures Professor Foote's wonderful talk, and will be of great value to educators interested in networked models of curriculum design and development. A complete list of Web pages referenced during the presentation is also available.

Listening to, and viewing, Foote's presentation (which we make available here as a Real Audio file), may require some preparation on your part. If you already have version 3.0 of the Real Audio Player, and have some experience with Real Audio files, you may wish to skip to the bottom of this page and begin. But if you are unfamiliar with Real Audio, or would like a few directions and listening/viewing tips, please continue reading.

About the Real Audio file, and What You'll Need to Hear It

What to Expect

What Could Go Wrong?

BEGIN Ken Foote's HT&ampT96 Presentation.

See the list of Web pages referenced during Ken Foote's presentation.

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