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HT&T 1996 Contact Information

If you have questions or comments about HT&T at STG, please contact
Roger Blumberg
phone: (401) 863-3690
fax: (401) 863-9313

Directions to the STG:

STG is located on the Brown campus, at 92 Thayer Street, Graduate Tower E (between Charlesfield and Power Streets). If you are staying at the Inn at Brown, STG is right across the street. The entrance to STG is along the second of two walkways on the right, on Thayer St., as you walk from Charlesfield St. to Power St.

Directions to Brown are also available, as is more information about the University.

HT&T96 Featured Speakers

Suzanne Bonefas

Robert Curtis

Barry Fishman

Kenneth Foote

Neil Goldberg

Ted Nellen

Josh Reibel

Rebecca Sinker

Robert Spielvogel

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