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Art & Performance Proposal Deadline: November 1, 2000

Digital Arts and Culture 2001 seeks to create a stimulating environment for experiencing and discussing art and performance related to digital culture. DAC 2001 will provide a context for a broad variety of current work, as well as opportunities to see the past anew. To this end, the Art and Performance committee invites proposals of new and archival/recontextualized: objects, prints, kinetic sculptures, installations, performances, time-based recordings, hyperlit, netart, and games.

Selections will be made by the committee, which expects to complete its acceptances by the end of calendar year 2000. Committee members include: Noah Wardrip-Fruin (Chair, New York University), Espen Aarseth (University of Bergen & Brown University), Kevin Duggan (arts/technology consultant), Carl Goodman (American Museum of the Moving Image), Diane Gromala (Georgia Tech), Christiane Paul (Whitney Museum & Intelligent Agent), David Reville (Brown University), Stephanie Strickland (independent artist), Martha Wilson (Franklin Furnace Archive), and Adrianne Wortzel (City University of New York & Cooper Union).

A keynote performance will be invited for the conference. Internet connections will be available for works. Shipping and other costs will not be covered. Limited computation and display equipment will be available for some accepted works, as will some support from student volunteers and technical staff. Conference registration fees will be waived for accepted artists (at least one free registration per accepted artwork, though no more than one per artist).

Proposal Instructions:

1) Submissions must include both (i) a one-page statement of your purpose in proposing, and (ii) a short (under 200 word) description of the work suitable for display at DAC. Both the submission statement and work description must include the name of the work, the names and affiliations of the artists involved, and dimensions and materials information if appropriate. Submission statements must also: - include all relevant contact information (email, phone, fax, snail-mail, url), - make desired presentation mode clear (e.g., you may propose to read a web-based hyperfiction aloud as a performance, or create a site-specific installation for it, or make it available in a gallery/reading room setting, etc.), - state if piece is currently completed (incomplete pieces must include expected completion timeline).

2) Submissions must also include (i) media documentation (e.g., images) of what you propose to make available at DAC 2001, and/or (ii) access instructions for a copy of the work itself. For work that has not yet been completed, please provide the best documentation possible. Any special jurying requests will be considered, however, proposers are encouraged to find a way to communicate with the jury within the following guidelines: - Images and files should be put up at an accessible web or ftp address. Free space is available from a number of services (e.g., myspace.com, briefcase.yahoo.com, xdrive.com, driveway.com). Please provide no more than 200 megabytes of files, please organize materials into one file for efficient access (e.g., tar/zip them together), and please use artist initials as first letters of top-level files/folders (e.g., use names such as "nwf_performance.mov" rather than generic file names such as "dac.gif"). No slides will be accepted and CD-ROMs are discouraged. - VHS tapes will be watched for 10 minutes from the point cued. Tapes will not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope. Digitized videos can be made available via the web or ftp (given appropriate plugin/viewing instructions) and must be no longer than 10 minutes. - Hyperlit, netart, and games for which files are made available will be experienced for 10 minutes by the jury. Proposer may provide an interaction "script" for this experience. Instructions must be provided for any needed technologies, which must be freely and readily available or provided by the proposer. - Installation and performance proposals must include floor plans with complete measurements, electrical and lighting requirements, network and computation needs, audio and video schematics, and any special requests (e.g., a sprung floor).

3) The submission statement, work description, and access instructions (for media documentation or a copy of the work itself) must be submitted via the DAC 2001 website on or before November 1, 2000.

Further Information

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