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Aaron Hertzmann, New York University
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This work presents a "living painting," in which you see a painting of yourself. When you move, the painting changes. The painting shifts between five painting styles: "Impressionist," "Expressionist," "Watercolor," "Pointillist," and "Psychedelic." The experience can be immediate and personal; as you interact with your own painting and experiment with new appearances.

This work appropriates a visual medium that traditionally signifies the notion of the artist as producing an object of ineffable genius (i.e. a painting) and automates it. In fact, automating this process offers several "improvements" over real paint from a commercial standpoint, because the work is personalized and inexpensive. However, such methods do not replace artists for the same reasons that cameras did not. Although this work implements a formalization of some artistic technique, any idea it expresses, visually or conceptually, is a product of those who create and use the painting tools. Purely technical skill with a brush does not make an artist. Nonetheless, this work may provoke viewer to ask "What makes a painting?"

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