Bible Browser Discontinued at STG

The Bible Browser has been taken offline. The Bible Browser was written by Richard Goerwitz and maintained by him while he was with the Brown University Scholarly Technology Group (STG). With Richard's departure from Brown in 2000 and the changes in the organization of STG in 2002, the Bible Browser can no longer be supported and has therefore been retired.

Other Versions Available

These are just two of the available bible browsing sites. We don't endorse either of these versions over the other, nor do we make any claims as to their quality over additional versions not mentioned here. You will likely be able to find several others.

Online Search Engine for Canonical Texts (ECanon)

A new browser is now available from Reltech: the Online Search Engine for Canonical Texts or "ECanon". It was produced with funding from the Society of Biblical Literature and the National Council of Churches. They provide five versions of the Bible: King James, Revised Standard Version and New Revised Standard Version, Westcott and Hort Greek New Testament. More versions will be forthcoming, as will sacred texts from other religious traditions.

(On a technical note, the RSV and NRSV are based on XML sources from the National Council of Churches, and the KJV from Project Guttenberg XML sources.)

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It is free for general use.

Bible Gateway

This is also free for general use.

This version seems to offer more versions than just the three offered by ECanon, and also seems to offer translations into quite a few languages.

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