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Why STG and NuvoMedia Made The Validator

As major contributors to the Open eBook Publication Structure Specification, both NuvoMedia and STG feel that providing tools to improve the rate and quality of its adoption are critical to the success of the specification. In fact, the lack of such tools early in the growth of the World-Wide Web is one of the key reasons for the balkanization of HTML and web standards--a state of affairs with which the world is still struggling. Making conformance checking tools available soon after the release of the specification is important because it prevents the accumulation of a large body of content that doesn't adhere to the specification -- and which vendors will have no choice but to accept.

The Open eBook specification is designed to facilitate "blind" interoperability, where two parties who have never spoken can successfully exchange an eBook publication and be ensured that the recipient will be able to interpret the publication as the producer intends. For this to work, however, it's critical that the publication meet the conformance requirements spelled out in the specification. The Open eBook Validator will facilitate this by allowing the producer to verify their work and giving the recipient an objective way to "complain" if the publication they receive doesn't match the specification.

 1999 Brown University and NuvoMedia, Inc.
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