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Validate a Document or Package

Supressed Errors and Warnings

This facility suppresses errors and/or warnings triggered by files other than the document or package being validated (in particular, from the OEB 1.0.1 DTDs themselves). To see these errors and/or warnings, run the document or package through STG's XML validation form.

Document Security
For security reasons, if you are validating an arbitrary OEB document on the Web (i.e., if you are validating by URI, and not by direct upload or type-in from your local machine), the original document is never fully displayed, even if errors are found.
Formatting of Errors
Browsers may vary widely in their ability to display the UTF-encoded reports generated by this validator.

There are three ways to validate:

  1. To validate a small OEB 1.0.1 document or package, just paste it into the text field below and hit the validate button.
  2. If the document or package is too large to be conveniently pasted into the text field and is on your hard drive or LAN, enter its filename into the local file field (or use the Browse button).
  3. You may also validate an arbitrary OEB document or package on the Web by typing its URI into the URI field.


If XML errors are found in the submitted document or package, a list of these errors is printed out, along with a line-numbered listing of relevant portions of the original text (which, as one might guess, will only be useful if the text has a line structure conducive to human reading).

If your document or package passes XML validation, but contains OEB errors, a list of OEB errors and/or warnings is printed out, again with a line-numbered dump of the original text.

If no OEB or XML errors are found, a "document checks out OK" message is displayed, possibly accompanied by lists of XML and/or OEB warnings.

Local file:

 Suppress warning messages
 Bypass check of DOCTYPE system identifier (explain this)

 Suppress warning messages
 Bypass check of DOCTYPE system identifier (explain this)
 Suppress warning messages
 Bypass check of DOCTYPE system identifier (explain this)


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