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Sample Validation

On this page you can see the results of a sample validation -- and you don't need to have an OEB publication.

Here is a package file (with errors) that we fed to the validator:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<!DOCTYPE package 
  PUBLIC "+//ISBN 0-9673008-1-9//DTD OEB 1.0.1 Package//EN" 
<package unique-identifier="uid">
             <dc:Identifier id="uid">261F1B8C-6C81-11D3-8BFC-0050E4009B2F</dc:Identifier>
             <dc:Title>Open eBook Publication Structure 1.0.1</dc:Title>
             <dc:Creator file-as="Open eBook Authoring Group, The">The Open eBook Authoring Group</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="author">Victor McCrary</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">Jeff Alger</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">Garth Conboy</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">Horace Dediu</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">Steve DeRose</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">Kimmo Djupsj&ouml;backa</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">Brady Duga</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">Jerry Dunietz</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">David Goldstein</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">Gene Golovchinsky</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">Markku Hakkinen</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">Gunter Hille</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">Kate Hughes</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">George Kerscher</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">Steve Kotrch</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">Brian Lambert</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">Jon Noring</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">Aleksey Novicov</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">David Ornstein</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">Dhiren Patel</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">Steve Potash</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">Allen Renear</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">Mike Riley</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">Ben Trafford</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">John Voiklis</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Creator role="aut">Garret Wilson</dc:Creator>
             <dc:Contributor>EAST Co., Ltd</dc:Contributor>
    <item id="spec" href="oeb1.html" media-type="text/xml" fallback="spec2" />
    <item id="spec2" href="oeb1.html" media-type="text/x-oeb1-document" fallback="spec2" />
    <itemref idref="spec" />
    <reference type="table-of-contents" title="Table of Contents" href="oeb1.html#toc" />
    <reference type="glossary" title="Definitions" href="oeb1.html#glos" />

And here is what the validator said:

Validation Results for C:\oeb11.opf

XML Warnings:

[Suppressed 1 message(s) triggered by external file(s)]


line 11: value not from USMARC 3-letter set must begin with "oth.": author (in attribute, role; in element, dc:Creator)
line 48: loop detected in fallback chain for element: item
line 48: fallback chain does not contain an item with a core OEB media type: item
line 49: href, oeb1.html, duplicates previous one at line 48: href (in element, item)
line 49: loop detected in fallback chain for element: item
line 57: extended reference-type value must begin with "other.": table-of-contents (in attribute, type; in element, reference)

Original Document:

line 9:  
line 10:   <dc:Creator file-as="Open eBook Authoring Group, The">The Open eBook Authoring Group</dc:Creator>
line 11:   <dc:Creator role="author">Victor McCrary</dc:Creator>
line 12:   <dc:Creator role="aut">Jeff Alger</dc:Creator>
line 13:   <dc:Creator role="aut">Garth Conboy</dc:Creator>
line 14:   <dc:Creator role="aut">Horace Dediu</dc:Creator>
line 15:   <dc:Creator role="aut">Steve DeRose</dc:Creator>
line 16:   <dc:Creator role="aut">Kimmo Djupsj&ouml;backa</dc:Creator>
line 17:   <dc:Creator role="aut">Brady Duga</dc:Creator>
line 18:   <dc:Creator role="aut">Jerry Dunietz</dc:Creator>
line 19:   <dc:Creator role="aut">David Goldstein</dc:Creator>
line 20:   <dc:Creator role="aut">Gene Golovchinsky</dc:Creator>
line 21:   <dc:Creator role="aut">Markku Hakkinen</dc:Creator>
line 22:   <dc:Creator role="aut">Gunter Hille</dc:Creator>
line 23:   <dc:Creator role="aut">Kate Hughes</dc:Creator>
line 24:   <dc:Creator role="aut">George Kerscher</dc:Creator>
line 25:   <dc:Creator role="aut">Steve Kotrch</dc:Creator>
line 26:   <dc:Creator role="aut">Brian Lambert</dc:Creator>
line 27:   <dc:Creator role="aut">Jon Noring</dc:Creator>
line 28:   <dc:Creator role="aut">Aleksey Novicov</dc:Creator>
line 29:   <dc:Creator role="aut">David Ornstein</dc:Creator>
line 30:   <dc:Creator role="aut">Dhiren Patel</dc:Creator>
line 31:   <dc:Creator role="aut">Steve Potash</dc:Creator>
line 32:   <dc:Creator role="aut">Allen Renear</dc:Creator>
line 33:   <dc:Creator role="aut">Mike Riley</dc:Creator>
line 34:   <dc:Creator role="aut">Ben Trafford</dc:Creator>
line 35:   <dc:Creator role="aut">John Voiklis</dc:Creator>
line 36:   <dc:Creator role="aut">Garret Wilson</dc:Creator>
line 37:  
line 38:   <dc:Contributor>Adobe</dc:Contributor>
line 39:   <dc:Contributor>EAST Co., Ltd</dc:Contributor>
line 40:   <dc:Contributor>IBM</dc:Contributor>
line 41:   <dc:Contributor>Librius</dc:Contributor>
line 42:   <dc:Contributor>Vadem</dc:Contributor>
line 43:  
line 44:   </dc-metadata>
line 45:   </metadata>
line 46:  
line 47:   <manifest>
line 48:   <item id="spec" href="oeb1.html" media-type="text/xml" fallback="spec2" />
line 49:   <item id="spec2" href="oeb1.html" media-type="text/x-oeb1-document" fallback="spec2" />
line 50:   </manifest>
line 51:  
line 52:   <spine>
line 53:   <itemref idref="spec" />
line 54:   </spine>
line 55:  
line 56:   <guide>
line 57:   <reference type="table-of-contents" title="Table of Contents" href="oeb1.html#toc" />
line 58:   <reference type="glossary" title="Definitions" href="oeb1.html#glos" />
line 59:   </guide>

Document instance fails OEB checks.


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