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Computing in the Humanities Users Group

Some History

The Computing in the Humanities User's Group (usually referred to as CHUG), has been meeting since late 1986, when it consisted of a few people who liked to talk about humanities computing issues. Founding members were Allen Renear, Elli Mylonas, Steve DeRose and Jim Coombs. David Durand became an active participant soon thereafter. We decided at that time that we would form a "user's group" which would not only have an educational purpose, but also provide a forum for talks on subjects we wanted to learn more about. The first public CHUG talk, by Prof. Tori Haring-Smith on Computers and Composition, was on 2/11/87.

Early CHUG meetings were by invitation only, and we do not have a record of all of these. In the next phase, we disseminated information informally, via helpnews on the Brown IBM mainframe, and through a private mailing list. Only in 1988 had CHUG expanded enought that we started to use a listserv list to announce meetings. The meeting announcements collected here are from the listserv. Older ones will be added as the excavation progresses.

CHUG has held over 256 talks. You can browse and search (almost) all CHUG announcements using Electronic Book Technology's' DynaWeb server.

Dynaweb is a web server that works together with Electronic Book Technology's Dynatext to convert SGML documents to HTML dynamically, and distribute them over the internet. Searching is also enhanced, since structured searches are also possible, using the SGML structure of the document or document set. You can see other examples of our work with Dynaweb.

Future CHUG meetings are posted here as soon as we know of them.

The Nitty Gritty

CHUG provides a forum for discussing the use of computers in the humanities and for sharing ideas and information about computing techniques and applications. We regularly have talks and discussions by members of the Brown community and others about ongoing and future projects, research ideas, and computing techniques. Within CHUG special interest groups form periodically and meet at other times. We always have refreshments.

Meeting announcements are posted on the Dynaweb server, sent out to CHUG-L, the mailing list, and posted to the brown.bboard.announce newsgroup. To get on the mailing list, send mail to, or send a subscription notice for CHUG-L to

CHUG meets in the STG conference room, in Grad Center Tower E., usually on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm. Occasionally we have a meeting at noon, or on another night, to take advantage of a speaker's schedule. We also occasionally meet in the SWIG board room, in the CIT building.