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As with most non-roman fonts, Cyrillic fonts exist in a variety of incompatible character mappings. This can cause serious problems, especially in shared documents. In order to eliminate such problems, and particularly the difficulties non-standard fonts pose for a structured curriculum, the Department of Slavic Languages at Brown University began a standardization program. The goal of the program was to have shared course materials in one font. Once the font was chosen, the task was to convert old documents into the new font, and this required a program which could search through each document, translating, character by character, any part that was not in the specified font.

The project of writing this conversion utility was taken on by STG, and we first identified the main requirements for the final product:

In addition, it was hoped that the process could be encapsulated to, in some way automate the save-as-RTF step. Also, as other applications for such a program were easily imagined, the script was to be kept as general-purpose as possible.

Further technical information and version history is also available.

Latest Version:

Here are copies of the latest versions of the utility:

Character Maps:

Here is a complete list of current Character Maps