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Genre Networks in the Marsden Journals

This page offers a series of visualizations, made with gephi software, that illustrate the contributions made to The Freewoman, The New Freewoman, and The Egoist in four different genre categories: articles, correspondence (or letters), fiction, and poetry. The data for these graphs come from the MJP's catalogue records (or MODS files) for the three journals. These graphs only recognize contributions at the level of the magazine itself, so any information about which issues or how many volumes an author published in is not represented here. However, the overall size of an author's contribution to a journal (e.g., twenty items) is represented two ways: by how closely the author's name (or node) appears to the name (or node) of the journal itself, and also by the width of the band that links the two. Thus, the closer a contributor appears to one of the three journals, and the wider the band linking the two, the bigger the contribution.

Set 1: Four Genres within Each Journal

In the first set of graphs below, we've visualized how contributions from all four genres (articles, letters or correspondence, fiction, and poetry) appear in each of the three magazines. Links among the genre clusters indicate authors who have contributed to more than one genre. These graphs (each a searchable pdf file) provide a more complex, granular complement to the bar and pie charts we've created elsewhere visualizing the distribtuion of genre in each journal.


Set 2: Each Genre across the Three Journals

In this second set of graphs below, we've flipped our subject matter to visualize the contributions of a single genre (articles, correspondence, fiction, or poetry) that appear in each of the three Marsden journals. In these graphs, authors who have contributed to more than one of these journals are linked to them by multiple bands.


Articles in the Three Marsden Journals

—including editorials, criticism, & other non-fiction


Correspondence in the Marsden Journals

—including letters to the editor & editorial replies


Fiction in the Marsden Journals

—including stories and serialized novels


Poetry in the Marsden Journals

—including poems and poem series

Set 3: Genre in the Marsden Journals vs. The Little Review

Finally, we thought it would be instructive to compare the relationship that exists in the above graphs among the Freewoman, New Freewoman, and Egoist to the relationship between one of those journals and another magazine. Thus, the first graph below depicts all the authored contributions to each Marsden journal, while the second and third graphs visualize the total contributions made to The Egoist and The Little Review in 1915 (graph 2) and 1918 (graph 3).


How We Made These Graphs (coming soon)