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Faculty Grant Projects for 2007-2008

Philip Brown, Sociology

Catskills Project Website: Phil Brown has, for many years, been collecting materials on the summer resorts in the Catskills and organizing a yearly conference on the legacy of the Jewish experience in the Catskills. This material consists of postcards, menus, brochures and photos, objects such as dishware and clothing, as well as memoirs and interviews. He would like to update the existing website (, add more digitized material, and start to link relevant information together. The CDI will digitize a representative sample of materials, and incorporate it into their digital archive. STG will work with Prof. Brown on updating and redesigning the website so it can be managed more efficiently, and will focus on a mapping component that will serve as a tool for finding resorts and artifacts associated with them.

Jim Campbell, American Civilization, Africana Studies

Voyage of the Slave Ship Sally. Phase 2: STG worked with Jim Campbell and the CDI in the 2005-6 academic year to put together a website on the Voyage of the Slave Ship Sally using materials that were in Brown's digital repository as part of his work on Brown's Committee on Slavery and Justice. Phase one of this project was completed and published in October 2006, together with the committee's findings. We will now proceed to phase 2 of the project. Now that all the digitized documents have been transcribed and encoded and the basic website and secondary materials are in place, it is possible to expand the types of interactions readers can have with the documents, and highlight different axes of interpretation using the document markup.

Susan Graseck, Watson Institute

Choices Digital Curriculum: The Choices Program at the Watson Institute develops high school curricular materials that help students make connections between historical events and contemporary international issues. The program is currently exploring the development and use of digital curricular materials. STG will work with them to create a prototype unit on the Iraq war in order to explore various kinds of digital content and ways of organizing and presenting it, that can serve as a model for future curricular units. STG will work with the Instructional Technology Group on this project.

John Hughes, Computer Science

CS Humanities & Social Science Curriculum Development:The Computer Science department has submitted a proposal to NSF to fund the development of a CS curriculum that trains students in the humanities and social sciences in those areas of CS that are most relevant to scholarship, exchange of information, analysis and presentation in their areas. If the proposal is funded, they would like STG to help them develop the curriculum, specifically by identifying problems and materials in the humanities disciplines. If the proposal isn't funded, then they would like help in re-crafting it.

Susan Smulyan, American Civilization

Digital Scholarship Course Support: Susan Smulyan will be teaching a graduate course on Digital Scholarship in the spring of 2008. The course will focus on how the information revolution and the introduction of digital resources has affected scholarship. The intended audience is graduate students in American Studies, but the course is intended to be relevant to graduate students from other disciplines as well. It will include a production component in addition to reading and understanding about the changes inherent in moving to digital scholarship. The CDI will be supporting the course, and Susan also like to work with STG in order to model collaborative work and provide assistance to the students in their projects.

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