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Ninth Day, Novel VIII

[017] So away went the rogue, and did the errand to Messer Filippo, who forthwith, being a hasty man, jumped to the conclusion that Biondello, whom he knew, was making mock of him, and while an angry flush overspread his face: "'Colour the flask, forsooth!'" quoth he, "and 'Catamites!' God send thee and him a bad year!" and therewith up he started, and reached forward to lay hold of the rogue, [018]who, being on the alert, gave him the slip and was off, and reported Messer Filippo's answer to Ciacco, who had observed what had passed. [019] Having paid the rogue, Ciacco rested not until he had found Biondello, to whom: "Wast thou but now," quoth he, "at the Loggia de' Cavicciuli?" [020] "Indeed no," replied Biondello: "wherefore such a question?" [021] "Because," returned Ciacco, "I may tell thee that thou art sought for by Messer Filippo, for what cause I know not." [022] "Good," quoth Biondello, "I will go thither and speak with him." [023] So away went Biondello, and Ciacco followed him to see what course the affair would take.