A poem by Jeffrey Page, written in 1972.

I was just eighteen
Standing in a rice paddy
The first time
Someone tried to kill me

But I was much older
The next day
When they tried
To kill me again

Jeffrey Page was in Viet Nam from June 1968 to June 1969. Assigned to Teams 50 and 75, MACV Security Force, in My Tho, he worked with the 44th Vietnamese Rangers as a combat field radio operator. He explains, "I would go out with a US officer -- rank would vary depending on the size of the operation -- who would advise the ARVN officer on field tactics. The radio was for calling allied air and artillery support, as only US troops could. That was to prevent VC from capturing one of our radios and pretending to be ARVN."

Jeffrey Page now lives and works in Providence as a video producer.