Volume 2 : African American Music
  Chapter 13. Washington, D.C. /Gospel Music City, U.S.A.: State of the Art
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Thank You Lord
Alvin Dockett and Blessed began their musical ministry in 1996 as a praise and worship team and eventually became a permanent group. They travel extensively on the East Coast and throughout the Washington Metropolitan area, "…sharing the vision the Lord has given us and letting the world know that we are 'Blessed'."
Performed by Alvin Dockett and Blessed: Peter Chatman (keyboard) Davin Wright (drums).
(Smithsonian Folkways Recordings album #40113 1998)

Standing on the Promises
The Bible Way Temple Radio Choir was organized in 1930 by the wife of Bible Way's founder and apostle, Bishop Smallwood E. Williams. Mother Verna Lucille Williams combined her talents and formal training in the development of the choir dedicated to traditional gospel music. The choir ministered in the Bible Way congregation every Sunday as well as appearing on local and syndicated radio programs. The choir has traveled extensively to venues that include the Kennedy Center and the National Religious Convention.
Performed by the Bible Way Temple Radio Choir: Margaret Petris (soloist), Sadie M. Woodard (organ) Shelby Willis (piano).
(Smithsonian Folkways Recordings album #40113 1998)

Notes for these examples were written by Bernice Johnson Reagon and accompanied the Smithsonian Folkways Recordings album titled Praise the Lord!, Gospel Music in Washington, DC.
Musical examples were taken from the same album.

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