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Using the IIP API

IIP provides an API (Application Programming Interface) to access the inscription files and metadata via direct queries in the form of a URL In other words, just some URLs retrieve a predefined, formatted web page, a URL that communicates with an API retrieves structured data that that can be processed, analyzed or displayed according to local needs. For a general introduction to APIs see thedocumentation provided by the Digital Public Library of America [].

The IIP API sends queries to the Solr index which powers the IIP search interface []. Queries will mostly rely on IIP keywords and metadata and will return IIP metadata and IIP ids. The Solr documentation provides details on the query syntax.

The Epidoc TEI inscriptions themselves can be accessed by appending the IIP id to the URL . For example, the following URL will link to the XML file of inscription akld0012 

The IIP id takes the form aaaa1111 or aaaa1111a (where a stands for an alphabetic character and 1 stands for a number), as well as by the keywords in the IIP controlled vocabularies. Please note that although the URL path may change, but that the IIP id will not

API queries can return xml or json formats, depending on the value of the wt flag. wt=xml or wt=json.

Some example queries:

Useful facets (keywords):

Facet NameKeywordSample Value
typeText Genrefunerary
cityCity NameJerusalem
inscription_idIIP idbeth0024
languageISO language codearc
language_displayFull language nameAramaic
notBeforeTerminus ante quem (4 digit ISO date)-0520
notAfterTerminus post quem (4 digit ISO date)-0330
physical_typeObject Typeostrakon
regionRegionCoastal Plain
religionLikely religionjewish
short_descriptionSummaryGalilee. Beth Shearim. 250 CE to 350 CE. Red painted wall of arcosolium. Funerary.

NOTE: We are in the process of improving our Solr index, so the API results may change. Most metadata fields will remain the same, but the results will be less verbose, and easier to use. Also, please note that bibliographic references draw their information from a Zotero database that can be found here:

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