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Letter, Tougaloo student participants in the Brown-Tougaloo Exchange, Tougaloo College

In this letter, Tougaloo students expressed their belief that only black students from Brown should participate in the Brown-Tougaloo Exchange. The letter demonstrated the racial tensions and animosity among both Brown and Tougaloo students and their distrust of the dynamics of the exchange program.

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Created 1920-01-01 in Tougaloo
2 pages, 8.5x11

Sent from
Participants in teh Brown-Tougaloo Exchange
Tougaloo College
Tougaloo, MS
39174, USA, USA

Archive information:
Brown University Archives - OF-IZU-2
Brown-Tougaloo Records, Box 11, folder 7

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Record 10045
Brown University Tougaloo College STG