Technology Platforms for 21st Century Literature



Adobe Product Index - Links to Web/Multimedia Dev Tools: Cyberstudio, Acrobat, Premier, Photoshop
Eastgate Home Page - The Place to Buy Hyperfiction, -Poetry and Criticism of Both
Hypertext '98 - Conference on Theory and Dev of Hypertext/media Systems - Lot's of Links
Macromedia Home Page - Links to Web/Multimedia Dev Tools: Flash/Director/Dreamweaver/Shockwave/Firework
StoryServer Product Tour - Content/Relationship Managment (personalization) from Vignette
Storyspace - A Hypertext Tool for Writers and Readers from Eastgate
Tcl - Scripting Lang. - Integrates Content from Different Environments by Scriptis
The Brain - Web Authoring/Information Management Tool ("Associative Mapping")
Thinkmap - Web Authoring Tool (Associative Mapping)
Trellix - "Easy to Use" Web Publishing System
Xanadu's Zigzag - Version 0.66 of a Hyperstructure Kit for Unix/Linux

CyberMountain Hypertext Writing Workshop An ambitious international MOO will conclude the workshop:
The Electronic Poetry Center
Enterzone - "hyper web text media zine art"
French cybertext poets
Frontier 5 - Content Management System for Large Web Projects from Userland
History of Hypertext at Brown George Landow's history of Hypertext at Brown
The Salt Hill Review
ht_lit archive - Archive for the ht_lit discussion group.
Hyperbolic Tree - Web Authoring Tool from Inxight (a Xerox Co.)
Hyperizons Michael Shumate's reviews of hypertext fiction
Hypertext Links Eastgate's links to web hypertexts
Hypertext 99 Workshops
The Hypertext 99 Structural Computing Workshop
Hypertext at Brown - Hypertexts created at Brown (especially Bob Arellano's seminar) and elsewhere.
Jim Rosengerg Paper - Jim Rosenberg's paper presented at Hypertext 98
John Cayley
Magdalena Donea's Hypertext Site
Michael Joyce's (hyper)Fiction - "afternoon, a story," "Twelve Blue," "Going the Distance," Others
Philippe Bootz Paper
Philippe Bootz Paper (another)
Jean Pierre Balpe Paper
Pilgrim Press - Web Publishing Venue "Producing and Promoting in a Collective Environment"
Stuart Moulthrop's Hypertexts - "Hegirascope," "The Color of Television," "Watching the Devices," Others
The Alt.X Publishing Network - "Where the digerati meet the literati."
The Rabyd Bunch - Vera, Bobby and Abe Rabyd and their ongoing hypertext project.
Web del Sol
Xanadu - "Ted Nelson thought the whole thing up back in 1960."

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