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Web pages and their Real Audio cues for Ken Foote's HT&T96 presentation.

Click on links in the "slide" column to see the URLs. Click on the start times to jump into the middle of the RealAudio presentation.

Start TimeEnd TimeSlide
00:00:02.000:02:14.3Slide #1
00:02:14.400:04:12.1Slide #2
00:04:12.200:06:04.7Slide #3
00:06:04.700:07:23.4The Geographer's Craft: Overview of Objectives
00:07:23.500:09:50.4Hypermedia diagrams
00:09:50.500:10:35.1Geographer's Craft Homepage
00:10:35.100:11:24.0Global Positioning System Overview
00:11:24.100:12:48.2Texas Election Page
00:12:48.300:13:53.0Cartographic Communication Page
00:13:53.100:14:14.7Geographer's Craft Homepage
00:14:14.800:14:33.0Geographer's Craft Fall 1996 Syllabus
00:14:33.100:14:51.0Geographer's Craft Homepage
00:14:51.100:15:06.1Notes and Study Materials
00:15:06.200:16:23.9Data Sources Page
00:16:24.000:16:45.9Warm Up Exercises and Assignments
00:16:46.000:17:05.5Metaponto Page (Pt. I)
00:17:05.600:17:27.9Metaponto Page (Pt. II)
00:17:28.000:18:09.1Machine Space: A Case Study in Urbanization and Environment
00:18:09.200:18:34.8Geographer's Craft Homepage
00:18:34.900:19:01.2Fall 1995 Class Projects
00:19:01.300:20:14.0Landmines Page
00:20:14.100:20:44.8Spring 1996 Class Projects
00:20:44.900:21:19.7Environment Risk In Austin
00:21:19.800:21:52.4The Geography of Crime
00:21:52.500:22:19.2Spring 1996 Class Projects
00:22:19.300:23:45.4Geographer's Craft Homepage
00:23:45.500:28:20.7Virtual Department of Geography Homepage
00:28:20.800:28:58.2GIS/ Remote Sensing/ Statistics/ Cartography Homepage
00:28:58.300:29:31.3Earth's Environment and Society
00:29:31.400:30:52.6Virtual Department of Geography Project: Organization
00:30:52.700:31:26.9Questions from the audience #1
00:31:27.000:32:31.5Online Geography Course Materials Worldwide
00:32:31.600:32:58.2Questions from the audience #2
00:32:58.300:33:19.0Sample Slide Collection
00:33:19.100:35:45.4Virtual Department of Geography Homepage
00:35:45.500:36:09.9Index of Materials in the Virtual Department
00:36:10.000:37:22.7Module Formatting Templates
00:37:22.800:38:36.3Machine Space: A Case Study in Urbanization and Environment
00:38:36.400:39:10.8Virtual Department of Geography Homepage
00:39:10.900:39:35.9Questions from the audience #3
00:39:36.000:40:57.8Virtual Department of Geography Homepage
00:40:57.900:48:10.6Questions from the audience #4
00:48:10.700:49:29.9Geogapher's Craft Homepage
00:49:30.000:52:25.9Questions from the audience #5
00:52:26.000:55:20.5Virtual Department of Geography Homepage
00:55:20.600:55:57.5Internet Resources for Geographers
00:55:57.600:56:07.6Questions from the audience #6
00:56:07.700:56:27.0Virtual Department of Geography Homepage
00:56:27.100:56:28.9Hypermedia, Teaching and Technology Homepage