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Hypermedia, Teaching and Technology
Edition 96.2 (December 17, 1996)

On November 16 and 17, 1996, a NetTech Forum on Hypermedia, Teaching and Technology was held at the Scholarly Technology Group at Brown University. Sponsored by NetTech, the Education Alliance at Brown, as well as STG, the goal of HT&T 1996 was to bring together a small group of teachers doing exemplary work at integrating WWW-based and other technologies into their teaching and curricula, along with several researchers interested in the evaluation and assessment of technology in the classroom, and representatives of state and local education agencies, for sets of presentations and focused discussions concerning possibilities and techniques of, as well as lessons learned from, teaching with technology.

A second goal of the HT&T Forum was to collect and rapidly disseminate papers, project information, and the results of our discussions of hypermedia, technology and teaching, while using HyperNews, a web-based conferencing system, to facilitate ongoing discussions from a community of educators and researchers much larger than the group that gathered in Providence. This site, therefore, is designed as an ongoing resource for models, raw materials, and focused discussions about Hypermedia, Teaching and Technology. The program from the November Forum is available, as is an HT&T96 attendee list, but we hope you will consider contributing to the site, as well as to the ongoing discussions, whether or not you were able to attend the November sessions.

HT&T Table of Contents
HT&T Table of Contents
Selected Readings || HT&T96 Speakers || HT&T96 Participants || Discussions || Why this website? || Contact Info

Selected Readings

With each edition of the HT&T site, we present a new set of readings, in order to raise issues and promote discussions of technology and teaching. We hope you'll have a look at some of these materials, and contribute comments that will help direct our discussions, and shape the development of the site. Similarly, if you know of a discussion paper, or other publication, that would make a stimulating addition to future sets of readings at the site, please let us know about it by sending mail to

HT&T96 Speakers

We were fortunate to have had a number of distinguished teachers and researchers accept our invitation to speak at HT&T 1996. They included:

Details of their presentations and projects can be found on the speakers page, as well as the post-Forum program and the first HyperNews discussion.

HT&T On-Line Discussions

We are using HyperNews, a web-based conferencing program, to carry on discussions started at the the Forum at Brown. The Our first discussion concerns questions the participants considered most interesting or pressing at the Forum, as well as the first set of readings. We hope you will consider joining the discussion even if you did not attend the Forum.

Why this website?

The Education Alliance and STG convened HT&T 1996 in order to collect, discuss, and disseminate information about: working models for teaching with technology (K-16); integrating technology into classroom practice as well as standards-based curricula; and evaluation and assessment issues that arise from the principled application of internet and other technologies in schools and classrooms. HT&T 1996 focused on the classroom experiences and strategies of leading practitioners. We thought that including professional researchers in our discussions would help us to analyze classroom experiences, and that including representatives from state and local educational agencies would provide a wider, systemic perspective on these issues.

The HT&T website was designed, then, both to support the Forum and to be an ongoing project and resource for educators interested in teaching with technology. With its links to background materials, position papers, projects, discussions, etc., we intend that the HT&T site become a rich, collaborative resource for the understanding and evaluation of exemplary practices in educational hypermedia, and that it provide the intellectual foundation for a variety of NetTech activities in the areas of professional development (both inservice and preservice), electronic curriculum development, and technical assistance.

These pages are constructed so as to be easily readable by Web browsers great and small (whether lynx or the latest version of Netscape), and we believe this contributes to their utility if not necessarily to their look.

Contact Information

The contact sheet provides email addresses of the speakers featured at the November Forum in Providence, along with pointers to their homepages, CV's, projects, and their comments about the November gathering.

Questions and comments about HT&T 1996 or this site should be directed to the Forum and site organizer, Roger Blumberg, at STG (, phone: (401) 863-3690, fax: (401) 863-9313).

A final navigation tip: no matter where you are in the HT&T web you can return to the HT&T Table of Contents by clicking on the "ht&t" button:

HT&T Table of Contents

Selected Readings || HT&T96 Speakers || HT&T96 Participants || Discussions || Why this website? || Contact Info

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