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Acknowledgements and Thanks

The Scholarly Technology Group would like to thank NetTech, the Education Alliance at Brown, and of course all of the speakers who kindly agreed to participate in HT&T 1996. We also wish to thank: Erica Seidel, for her excellent work on, and important contributions to, the Forum website; Robert Madeira for his program design; and to David Reville, for his always content-rich advice, and for providing us with a local mirror of the Rosendale Odyssey site (special thanks, of course,to Rebecca Sinker, for allowing us to have the mirror at Brown). We would also like to thank the Northeast and Islands Regional Educational Laboratory at Brown (the LAB) for their assistance in this project. Finally, we thank the members of the Brown Education and Technology Working Group for their advice and encouragement, and the members of the NetTech Planning Board for their assistance.

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