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Digital Literature Workshop | Electronic Cabaret | A Night at the Cybertexts

Calls (closed): for Papers | for Art and Performance


Gallery . . . and Hypercafé

Aaron Hertzman

Paint on Canvas


Alicia Felberbaum

Holes-Linings- Threads

Rania Ho



Shelley Jackson

The Doll Games

Shane Hope

Untitled video


Andruid Kernes

Collage Machine

Petra Kuppers



Marjorie C. Luesebrink


Cynthia Beth Rubin



Talan Memmott

Delivery Machines

Synne Skjulstad
& Gunhild Varvin



Judd Morrissey

The Jew's Daughter

Paul Woodrow
& Allen Dunning

Einstein's Brain


Judd Morrissey
& Lori Talley

My Name is
Captain, Captain


Jim Rosenberg

Diagrams Series 5


Rebecca Ross



Thomas Swiss


Scheduled Performances, Readings:

Thursday, 4pm, Salomon 101

John Cayley


What We Will Have of Something
Past (from "Thought City")

Jim Rosenberg


Diagrams Series 5

Judd Morrissey


Jew's Daughter

Judd Morrissey and Lori Talley


My Name is Captain, Captain

Friday, 4pm, Salomon 101 (concurrent with session below)

Loss Pequeno Glazier


Radial Alphabet

Howard Goldkrand &
Beth Coleman


Cultural Alchemy

Talan Memmott


Lexia to Perplexia

Rob Wittig


Blue Company

Friday, 4pm, Smith-Buonano 106

M.D. Coverly


The Book of Going Forth By Day

Thomas Swiss &
Skye Giordano



Robert Kendall



Saturday, 2pm, List 120

Tarikh Korula, Paul Chan,
& Rania Ho



Belle Gironda & Nicole Peyrafitte


The Crepe, The Theorist,
The Chef, and The Volunteer


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