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Synne Skjulstad and Gunhild Varvin
Institute of Media and Communication, University of Oslo, Norway

Jo Størset and Even Halvorsen
University of Oslo, Norway: Institute of Informatics
(not participating on DAC)

Description of Hyperactive:

Hyperactive is a dynamic and visual sibling of the hypertext, that is based on moving images and sound instead of text. The hypervideo is an experiment in the tradition started by Balcom and Sawney with Hyper Cafe. We have gone further by only linking between different videos. We have excluded the use of text. Hyperactive consists of 82 short videos. The videos consist of documentary and fiction. In Hyperactive you can meet the likes and dislikes of 41 Norwegians. Some people dislike to get up early in the morning. Others say they dislike to fight with their friends. Others again like to be in love, or to eat good food. All the videos are inter-linked in a system which provides up to 3 videos at the same time. The user choose which one to follow. The different videos are linked together through principles of thematical content similarities. Which videos the user chooses (or ignores) imply which videos he or she can choose among.

Statement: We have used the production of Hyperactive to experiment with inter-linked video and as an experiment in crossing academic boundaries. The cross-diciplinary collaboration has led us to some interesting assumptions. For example: We usually divide a hypertext into different parts. We talk about nodes, links and navigation between these. In our case, by using video instead of text, these concepts are no longer applicable while analyzing the interface. At the same time, the same concepts are very useful when analyzing the hypervideo structure. Hypertext and hypermedia theory is mainly written about documents based on text. One of our conclusions is that a theory of hypermedia has to be specific on the information type used. Our experience is that inter-linked video behaves differently than inter-linked text. To fill the gap, we will propose some extensions to usual hypermedia vocabulary, such as link presentation, node presentation, use of negative sound montage and static navigation.

Media documentation Hyperactive is made in Director 7, with Quick Time videos, compressed by Sorensen. Hyperactive is in Norwegian. The visuals still makes it quite comprehensible for non-Norwegian speakers. A further description of the project will be found at: www.varthom.com/

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