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Thomas Swiss, with Skye Giordano
Drake University and Technisonic Studios
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"Genius" is a Web-based poem, incorporating multimedia design and images, text-based poetry, sounds and sounded language. It means to represent a fragmented/mediated moment in a character's life. And to suggest -- with some reservation and confusion about the boundaries of this statement-- that there are hierachies of pain. In this piece, that is, the woman's young son is in pain of some kind and the woman herself experiences the emotional pain of aging, boredom, responsibility and obligation.  Nevertheless, "you don't have to be a genius" (in the language of this piece) to see that she has it "good" relative to the lives of those she sees and is ultimately irritated by on televison.

Tech Notes on Composition of the piece:

Macromedia Flash 5, Adobe Photoshop 6/Imageready 3, Adobe Illustrator 9, Macromedia SoundEdit 16, Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee from Khaldi's St. Louis

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