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Robert Kendall, New School University
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This work explores the nature of communication, knowledge, and identity through the language and postures of mystery fiction. It's a metaphysical whodunit that invites you to solve the mystery by uncovering clues linked to images throughout the work. The search becomes a game that leads you through back alleys and side streets, unidentifiable buildings, and dark woods. Which characters should you trust? Which objects should you investigate? To win the game, you must separate the clues from the red herrings. Whether or not you succeed in finding all the clues determines the outcome of the text. But is the mystery really soluble? Is winning actually better than losing? Are the answers or the questions more revealing?

This work uses the Connection Muse adaptive hypertext system to monitor your progress. In response to where you have been and the choices you have made, the system dynamically restructures the environment around you, determining on-the-fly where paths will lead and where clues will be placed. This allows for ongoing adjustment of the difficulty level, ensuring that the game elements are always challenging enough to be interesting but never a distraction from the text. If you decide to replay the game, you'll find the clues appearing in different contexts the second time around.  

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