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Undergraduate students spent the summer of 2016 researching and writing our first set of digital tours. Each student took responsibility for one of the five historic rooms on the first floor. They were interested in the story that begins with John Nicholas Brown II, who took over the house in 1921 on his 21st birthday. So the tours illuminate the lives of a wealthy and influential New England family in the twentieth century by examining the rooms and objects that were meaningful to them.

For the earlier history of the house, click here.

The house holds many other stories, of different people, of different times. Let us know what other stories you think we should tell next.

How to take a tour

Each tour page features an introduction to the room and several annotations.

Rooms are best viewed in fullscreen mode: click the "View Fullscreen" link at the top of the page to enter this mode.

To read an annotation, click on its blue icon.

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